Android Vs Apple (iOS) operating system phones, which one is best ✨

Android Vs (iOS)Apple 🔥

1) Android is open source operating system, but Apple's iOS is not.

2) Android  is more customizable than Apple's iOS operating system.

3) Android much secure, but here Apple's iOS is more secure.

4) Android operated mobile phones are less costly than iOS operated mobile phones. You have to pay much more money for Apple iPhone.

5) Brand name, Apple's iOS phones are much attractive than Android operated phones.

6) iOS is more fast than Android operating system.

7) Apple's iOS phones parts are mostly made in own factory. Android operated phones parts are mostly made in different companies so here comes compatibility. So obviously Apple's IPhone's parts are more compatible than Android.

8) Android operated phones made in different companies so there are huge compilation, but Apple iPhone is made by only Apple Inc so compilation is less.

9) Value for money 💸 product is best suited for Android operated phones because customer has to pay much more for Apple iPhone.

10) Quality: Android operated phones which made in popular brands they are maintained standard quality, but Apple iPhone is also popular for their Quality.

Choose your favourite ✨

If you want dissent os and value for money mobile phone than you obviously go for world most popular os Android os smart phone.

If you want dissent brand, os, smart phone than you obviously go for Apple iOS operated iPhone ( You have little much money 💸)


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