India is going to be richest 🔥

India is going to be richest 🔥

You this it is false. It is not true.
But give us sometime. Do you know Indian ordinary people's money where is it ?

Mostly it is kept in locker, it could be in home or bank. Not in market. More money would be in market more economically strong. So what. 

Few years ago only some of people they invest their money in market, it could be open or share market. But significantly small numbers of people do this.

But it is not easy you have to do research, long time patient. Then comes mutual funds, there are fund manager they do this the same work but professionally, smartly.

Now more people attracted, they now invest in this funds and also in markets. They know that there are subject of market risk. But they right now trust this also.

Now for this and some other reasons Indian market is going highest in all times. Day by day increasing. Obviously there are many numbers of factors behind this, I think this is also a main reasons.

Now Indian market is all time high. All other markets in covid situation goes down, but Indian market is high and strong enough.


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