Fish+ app news ?

Fish+ app news

Fish +

Now a days an is popular named fish+. Do you try it ?

If your answer is no, you are smart and lucky.
If your answer is yes, you already lost your money 💸. if you don't loose money you gain profit, you are smart and also lucky person.

They make an app call Fish+. They handled a telegram channel, where they contacted to users. They made several WhatsApp group also for handling users and for promotion.

In this app users has to invest money to use fish. They give offer when they sell these fish they gain huge profits.

From starting some days they return users money without any objections to gain users trust. To gain users trust they also used some well-known institute and state governments name.

For these reasons users make the mistake they invest money in this fish app. In last they lost money.

For payment collection they used some personal bank account.

If you loose money in this app, we advise you contact to your nearest police station and local cyber crime department, tell them you objections with those bank details where you sent money, your bank details, transactions details and register you complain.

In last we advise you not to invest in these types of fraud app or website. First check there details is real, registered, government's approved or not. Before investing please check those carefully.

If this news post helps you, please share this to your fish+ users.

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